Bouncy Castle Capers agrees to rent out the equipment under the terms and conditions detailed herein.  It is important that these are followed by you the hirer.  Please read through them carefully to ensure the safety of the children in your care.  A responsible adult must supervise any hired inflatable at all times.

  1. Please remove all footwear, jewellery, glasses and ensure no sharp objects

  2. No eating, drinking or chewing whilst using the inflatable

  3. Strictly no climbing or sitting on any castle walls

  4. No smoking on or near the inflatable and no use of silly string or party poppers

  5. Use the inflatable for the age group and purpose designed, avoiding overcrowding or children colliding.  Try to ensure similar age groups and sizes use the inflatable together

  6. When rain occurs, the inflatable should be switched off and covered to avoid risk of injury on slippery equipment

  7. Should any problems occur with the blower then contact us immediately on the number on the hire agreement.  Keep the side vents of the blower clear and be aware of keeping all children away from the blower area at all times

  8. Please ensure the inflatable is empty prior to switching the blower power on or off.  Contact the phone number on the agreement should any other issues arise. 0141 889 2785 or 0794 910 6292.

Those hiring the equipment should follow these guidelines for its safe use for which they are responsible.

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